Sacred not Spirit

by everlivingpoet

I’ve had a problem, for some time, with words like spiritual and spirituality.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because it seems to preserve some sort of hierarchal rather than planar residue.  A spirit is, in a sense, a person.  Spirituality, I sometimes feel, is a personal or private thing.  Ultimately, it seems to ring of a ‘higher’ self.  Are we spirits?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  The problem I have with it is that I think what one encounters in meditation is better described as ‘sacred’.  That word, too, is fraught.  All the words are fraught.  But calling it “sacred” sort of leaves it untouched and unknown.  It doesn’t necessarily make that move to identify it as “spirit.”  Also, the interest in encountering the sacred sort of implies a relaxation of self.  There’s that understanding that “I” have little place there – in fact, that I’m the hindrance.  Maybe the word ‘spirit’ has become jaded, too.  It doesn’t necessarily jar us awake to the possibility that the sacred is in fact the mundane.  Obviously, it’s pretty meaningless to mindlessly remind ourselves that “this” here now is sacred.  It’s not a knowledge but an experience.  If we have that experience and call it spiritual experience, immediately we’ve lifted it out the world.  It’s a “realization” we had, like a story we tell at parties.  Again we’ve created a wall and set it over “there.”